Unique portrait painting in only 2 weeks.

Your individual portrait.

Portrait painting for wedding, birthday and anniversary.

... You want to immortalize your loved ones in a painting?
... to make your apartment an extraordinary place?
... own a unique masterpiece?

As a commissioned artist for portrait painting, I offer you the highest quality at a fair price. My detailed and careful way of working guarantees you a maximum artistic result and a unique work of art.

Turn your photo into a custom artist painting made by artist Nikolaus Kriese. Ready to ship in only 3 weeks - you get a handpainted masterpiece from the artist.


In my work I pursue the goal of depicting people naturally & to reflect their personality advantageously. Most people prefer naturalistic painting to drawing. Give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Individual & group portrait

  • according to photo - template
  • several designs
  • conversion with acrylic or oil paint
  • canvas or fixed image carrier
  • in any format
  • various styles
  • 2-3 post-corrections on request
  • safe and fast shipping
  • framing of your picture according to your ideas

Animal portrait

  • according to photo - template
  • several designs
  • conversion with acrylic or oil paint
  • canvas or fixed image carrier
  • in any format
  • various styles
  • 2-3 post-corrections on request
  • safe and fast worldwide shipping
  • framing of your picture according to your ideas

Portrait painting is unique & sustainable. It requires experience, spatial imagination and a safe handling of materials. Reproducing a person on a canvas is a very challenging affair. Use your family album & have your loved ones immortalized in a painting. As an artist and trained theatre painter I can design your painting with refined details.

I would be pleased to make you an offer without obligation.

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  • Highest quality

    As an artist and theatre painter, I guarantee you a unique work of art. For the realization I use high-quality canvases and oil paints.

  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee

    Before I send you the portrait painting, you will receive a photo of the work. In a final phase there is still the possibility to make small changes.

  • 100 % free-hand painted

    You will receive an individually made portrait painting. All works are hand-painted and realized with great care.

  • Lasting joy

    Portrait painting is a unique work of art, which will be appreciated by future generations.

  • Fast shipping

    I send your portrait painting fast and insured worldwide. The shipment is packed in bubble wrap.

  • Free editing of your photos

    You will receive a draft before the portrait painting is realised. I can make a portrait from several photos.

Satisfied clients.

 J. Walter

We are very, very HAPPY and happy with our decision. Such a beautiful picture!

J. Walter , Murmeln, 2009, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 150 x 130 cm
 A. Krajci

I am very happy about the pictures. Now life comes into our hallway. Yesterday we had a small celebration and my friends are also enthusiastic.

A. Krajci , 2 Bilder 2015, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand
 S. Zebe

The picture proves itself very well and is very well received by the many visitors and guests. You did a great job!

S. Zebe , Rote Sonne, 2013, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 200 x 130 cm
S. Paulus

The picture arrived yesterday. Thank you very much, I like it very much - like last time.

S. Paulus, Frauen auf der kurischen Nehrung, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 80 x 110 cm
A. Milke

Thank you - it's fantastic what you got out of the bad template!

A. Milke, Porträt, 2018, 68 x 80 cm
 C. Ramoth

Dear Nikolaus, I've fallen in love with the painting. I would like to buy the picture.

C. Ramoth , Ausblick, 2007, 155 x 115 cm, Acrylfarbe auf Leinwand
F. Neubauer

We are very satisfied. Thank you for the quick handling of the order picture!

F. Neubauer, Gestaltung eines Umzugswagen, 2014, Acrylfarbe auf Holz, 10 m x 2 m
M. Hehlke

The picture is a force. very well done. I like it very much!

M. Hehlke, Reproduktion August Macke, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand , 71 x 55 cm
P. Hofmann

Thanks for bringing, the pictures are really great, I am very happy!

P. Hofmann, 4 Bilder, Acrylfarbe auf Leinwand, 130 x 110 cm

From drawing to painting.

  • Professional artist & theatre painter
  • 20 years professional experience
  • High quality materials for your painting
  • Very fast implementation
  • 100 % hand-painted without digital techniques
  • Best price guarantee for highest quality
  • Worldwide implementation
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Are you ready for new inspirations in your rooms? With my powerful works of art I make your walls shine immediately. As an artist & commission painter I paint you your unmistakable work of art. My main focuses are: Picture - Reproductions, wall painting & portrait painting.


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