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Custom portrait painting on canvas

You want to immortalize their loved ones in a painting? As a commissioned portrait artist, I offer you the highest quality at a fair price. My detailed and careful way of working guarantees you a maximum artistic result and a unique work of art.

You choose a photo – template and let it be implemented by me as a professional artist in a portrait painting. I use first-class canvases and light-fast oil paints. In just 2 weeks you get a hand-painted masterpiece from the artist. Ready to hang!

  • Realization according from photo

  • Preparation of drafts

  • Individual & Group Portraits

  • Wedding portraits

  • Family portraits

  • Entrepreneur portraits

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For individualists, art lovers & collectors

Portrait painting for wedding, birthday and anniversary

A portrait painting is unique & individual. To reproduce a person on a canvas is a very challenging matter. Use your family photos & have your most loved ones immortalized in a painting. As an artist, I can create your painting with refined details.

In my portrait paintings I pursue the goal of depicting people as naturally as possible & to reflect your personality advantageously. Through designs and planning the implementation can be achieved particularly challenging motifs and unique paintings.

Focus here too: the highest quality materials, professionally designed & implemented.

Sifting your template

Sifting through your adaptation of your photos for feasibility, including drafts

Individual sizes

Hand built frames, Durable painting base. Upon request with framing & gilding.

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Customers about nikolaus kriese

“Hello Mr. Kriese, my husband was hugely pleased with the painting and finds it perfect. Both girls like it too. Thank you again so much for your beautiful work.”

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Individual, & group portraits, animal portraits

Creativity & real handicraft – portrait painting from photo

A portrait painting is unique & sustainable. It needs experience, spatial imagination and a confident handling of materials.

Rendering a person on a canvas is very challenging business. Use your family album & have your loved ones immortalized in a painting. As an artist and a trained theatrical painter, I can create your painting with refined details.

Customization of your template for implementability
Framing your picture & large formats from 200 cm
Custom Sizes & Hand Built Frames
Secure & fast shipping


from drawing to painting

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Questions & Answers

What motifs are possible?

There are no limits to your desired motif. Gladly you can send me several photos, which I then combine into a draft. Before the implementation of the portrait painting you will receive one or more drafts so that you can decide at your leisure whether you like the design. If you are satisfied with the draft for the desired portrait, I begin with the implementation on your painting.

When do I pay for the portrait painting?

When ordering, you pay for your portrait painting in full upon order confirmation. Then I start with the implementation and you get, during the painting process and after completion, a photo of the work sent. Should you do not like the picture, 50% of the order amount for material and effort remain with the order taker.

What materials are possible?

Let me know in what size & with what material you want to have your picture painted. Gladly I advise you for the appropriate technique. The following materials are possible: oil paint, acrylic paint, pastel paint, pencil, tempera paint, pigments, varnishes, watercolor paint etc. Since all techniques of painting are treated equally in price, you do not pay extra for this.

What payment options are available to me?

Online Bank Transfer. You simply transfer the amount directly from your account and receive an invoice & proof of purchase.

PayPal. You can easily make the transfer online from your PayPal account.

Cash payment. You can pay for your portrait painting in cash.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the effort & size of the portrait painting. For a motif less elaborate work with fast-drying colors, the waiting time is about 10 working days.

For a possible framing and shipping of the commissioned artwork must be added another three to five working days. Larger paintings in oil paint need a little longer to dry before they are ready for shipment. Here the waiting time is between 14- 30 days plus shipping time. The insured shipping is Germany, – and worldwide.

What do I need for an order request?

For a request I need the desired size of the image & a description of the desired motif. The best way is to send me the desired motif by e-mail. You are also welcome to visit me in my studio in Erfurt. Each work is made according to a template. The detailed and careful working method guarantees a maximum artistic result and a unique portrait painting.

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    Portrait painting

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    Buying paintings online is a matter of trust and, above all, a matter of individual aspirations to a work of art in terms of aesthetic and artistic aspects.

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    All painted acrylic paintings, especially the very large-scale oil paintings and expressive paintings can be viewed in the studio. In a few exceptions, the paintings are in an exhibition, where they can also be viewed.

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