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Unique commission art.

Since 2000, Nikolaus Kriese designs and paints pictures for sustainable creative solutions.

I would be happy to make you an individual offer for your individual order painting:

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Thematically, the Atelier Nikolaus Kriese has focused on art collectors, private clients, construction companies, interior design and equipment of companies from various industries.

Commission Art abstract
Commission Art portrait
Commission Art abstract painting
Commission Art naturalistic

Commission painting on canvas

Commissioned painting has been an integral part of artistic creation for centuries. Many clients had artists make their paintings exactly as they saw fit. As an artist with many years of experience I can create a picture according to your wishes. For all products I use selected and high-quality materials to give you a long pleasure with your picture.

Painting reproduction

  • old masters & modern artworks
  • traditional & modern techniques
  • oil paint, acrylic paint & tempera
  • traditionally on wood with varnish
  • on request with individual framing
  • scale production

Portrait painting

  • custom paintings from photos
  • preparation of drafts
  • single, - & group portraits
  • wedding portraits
  • family portraits
  • entrepreneurs portraits

Artwork service

  • stylish advice for hanging your artwork
  • framing your artwork
  • studio or baroque frame
  • safe packaging and insured transport
  • personal delivery of big pictures
  • Installation the artwork to your walls

Rent exhibition

  • Room concept for your home or business
  • Rental of several artworks
  • Freely available period
  • Great selection of pictures
  • Transport and hanging on your wall
  • On request installation of gallery rails

A commissioned painting is unique. You have the opportunity to design your rooms in a unique way. Tailored to the decor and carefully selected works of art add value to your living space and give it an individual atmosphere. Before the image is translated, you will receive one or more designs so that you can decide in peace. Original pictures are for enjoyment of life!
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Commission Art wall painting
Commission Art wall painting mural
Commission Art wall painting mural 2
Commission Art wall painting mural 3

Individual room design

Even in this age of digitization, a picturesque wall design enjoys high demand. A mediterranean landscape, written logos or abstract art in the living room. From colored accents to detailed illusionism, I can design your living environment into a creative experience space. Gladly I advise you to give your ambience a new look.

Facade design

  • development of scale pictures
  • implementation on concrete, plaster, wood and metals
  • with scaffolding or lift
  • resistant facade color
  • outside and inside
  • ideal for: businesses, amusement parks, spa facilities, commercial properties and hotels
  • implementation in a team

Decorative painting

  • analysis of your room
  • development of room concepts
  • implementation based on a draft
  • stage sets for theater, film and TV
  • large-scale designs
  • in the exterior and interior area
  • for large projects, the implementation takes place in a team


  • analysis of your rooms
  • development of room concepts
  • can be implemented even in small formats
  • classic & modern motifs
  • photo realistic
  • high quality & diverse materials
  • ceiling painting, staircases & illusion painting
  • material imitations (eg marble, wood)
  • ornamental ribbons, cassette paintings, pedestals, mural landscapes

A wall design is great. It takes experience, spatial imagination and a safe handling of materials. Playing a picture on a facade is a very challenging business. As a trained theatrical painter, I have the necessary know-how. The picture you get for it? Unique.
I will gladly make you an offer.

Commission Art house
Commission Art abstract artwork
Commission Art abstract artwork gallery
Commission Art abstract artwork gallery 2

Online gallery

As an artist, I also offer my own oil paintings and acrylic paintings in addition to commissioned paintings. From small-format drawings to medium-sized paintings, to huge canvas prints. All pictures are unique and have a strong luminosity. Whichever motive you choose, with these wall paintings you set the right accent in your living and working space.

Oil, - & Acrylic Paintings

  • large selection of different sizes
  • abstract and Naturalistic
  • diverse motives
  • unique paintings

Artworks create a creative and inspiring atmosphere and are a source of power. So that your desire for change becomes a long-term investment, I would be pleased to advise you on a suitable picture.
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What clients say

 J. Walter

Wir sind sehr, sehr HAPPY und glücklich mit unserer Entscheidung. So ein schönes Bild!

J. Walter , Murmeln, 2009, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 150 x 130 cm
 A. Krajci

Ich freue mich sehr über die Bilder. Jetzt kommt Leben in unseren Flur. Gestern hatten wir eine kleine Feier und meine Freundinnen sind auch begeistert.

A. Krajci , 2 Bilder 2015, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand
 S. Zebe

Das Bild bewährt sich sehr und findet bei den vielen Besuchern und Gästen großen Anklang. Das haben Sie super hinbekommen!

S. Zebe , Rote Sonne, 2013, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 200 x 130 cm
S. Paulus

Das Bild ist gestern angekommen. Vielen Dank, es gefällt mir sehr gut - wie beim letzten Mal.

S. Paulus, Frauen auf der kurischen Nehrung, Ölfarbe auf Leinwand, 80 x 110 cm
A. Milke

Vielen Dank – es ist fantastisch, was Sie aus der schlechten Vorlage herausgeholt haben!

A. Milke, Porträt, 2018, 68 x 80 cm
 C. Ramoth

Lieber Nikolaus, ich habe mich in das Bild verliebt. Ich möchte das Bild gerne kaufen.

C. Ramoth , Ausblick, 2007, 155 x 115 cm, Acrylfarbe auf Leinwand
F. Neubauer

Wir sind sehr zufrieden. Danke für die schnelle Abhandlung des Auftragsbildes!

F. Neubauer, Gestaltung eines Umzugswagen, 2014, Acrylfarbe auf Holz, 10 m x 2 m
M. Hehlke

Das Bild ist eine Wucht. sehr gelungen. Es gefällt mir sehr!

M. Hehlke, Reproduktion August Macke, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand , 71 x 55 cm
P. Hofmann

Danke fürs bringen, die Bilder sind wirklich alle toll, freue mich sehr!

P. Hofmann, 4 Bilder, Acrylfarbe auf Leinwand, 130 x 110 cm

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Are you ready for new inspirations in your rooms? With my powerful works of art I bring your walls to light up immediately. As an artist and commission painter, I paint your unmistakable work of art. My main focuses are: Picture - Reproductions, Wall Painting & Portraiture.


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